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  • starPrime location with stunning views.
  • starWide range of gaming options.
  • starDiverse dining experiences.
  • starVaried entertainment choices.
  • starLuxurious accommodation.
  • starHistorical significance as Australia's first legal casino.
  • starExcellent customer service.

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Wrest Point Hotel Casino

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  • The Wrest Point Hotel Casino, located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, holds the distinction of being the first legal casino to open in the country. When was Wrest Point Casino built? Officially inaugurated on February 10, 1973, this landmark establishment not only revolutionised the Australian gambling and entertainment scene, but also significantly contributed to the tourism and hospitality industry in Tasmania. Situated on the scenic waterfront of Sandy Bay, the Wrest Point Hotel Casino offers a comprehensive gaming floor, multiple dining options, a range of entertainment venues, and luxurious accommodations, making it a premier destination for both local and international visitors seeking a blend of excitement and relaxation.

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    Wrest Point Casino Deposit Methods

    At Wrest Point Casino, transactions for gaming, purchases, and accommodations are primarily conducted in person. Customers use various payment methods for these transactions, including cash for direct and immediate payments. For those preferring cashless options, credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted. These cards provide a convenient and secure way to manage expenses, catering to a broad range of customers with different preferences. This setup ensures that all patrons can enjoy the casino's offerings with ease, regardless of their chosen payment method.

    Wrest Point Casino Withdrawal Methods

    Wrest Point Casino, being a land-based establishment, primarily deals with immediate, in-person transactions. For withdrawals, particularly after winning at casino games, customers typically receive their payouts directly in cash. For larger wins, arrangements can be made for alternative withdrawal methods, such as bank transfers or checks, to ensure the safety and convenience of the transaction.

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    Wrest Point Casino Licenses

    Wrest Point Casino operates under a comprehensive regulatory framework, ensuring its gaming and hospitality services adhere to strict standards for fairness, security, and responsible gambling. It holds a casino license issued by the Tasmanian government, which allows it to offer a wide range of gaming options, including table games and electronic gaming machines. This license is a testament to Wrest Point Casino's commitment to compliance with local gambling laws and regulations, ensuring a safe and trustworthy environment for its patrons.

    Wrest Point Hotel Casino License

    Wrest Point Casino Software Technologies

    Considering on the integration of software technologies at Wrest Point Casino, it's important to note that the establishment leverages cutting-edge systems across its gaming and operational spectrum. From sophisticated gaming systems that power the casino's vast array of electronic machines, ensuring fairness and a diverse gaming experience, to robust customer relationship management (CRM) software aimed at optimising customer service and engagement, Wrest Point Casino embraces technology to maintain excellence. Additionally, the deployment of state-of-the-art security software underscores the casino's unwavering commitment to safeguarding the gaming environment and protecting patron transactions from any potential threats. This holistic approach to technology application is central to delivering a seamless and secure gaming experience.

    Wrest Point Casino Security

    Wrest Point Casino's approach to security is comprehensive, encompassing advanced technological measures and stringent procedural protocols. The implementation of high-tech surveillance systems across the casino floor is a testament to its dedication to creating a secure environment for all patrons. This surveillance capability is complemented by strict transaction handling and data protection protocols designed to thwart fraudulent activities and ensure the confidentiality of personal information. Furthermore, the emphasis on staff training in security awareness and response strategies is indicative of a culture that values proactive prevention and swift resolution of any security incidents. Together, these measures form the backbone of Wrest Point Casino's security framework, reflecting its commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety and integrity in its operations.

    Software Providers

    Wrest Point Casino App

    The casino does not offer a dedicated Wrest Point Casino app for online gaming or casino services. The casino operates primarily as a land-based venue, providing gaming, entertainment, dining, and accommodation services directly from its location in Hobart, Tasmania. For the latest information on Wrest Point Casino mobile services and features, including any potential development of a mobile app or digital platform, it is best to visit their official website or contact them directly.

    Wrest Point Hotel Casino Mobile

    Wrest Point Casino Languages

    Wrest Point Casino, located in Hobart, Tasmania, primarily operates in English to cater to its broad audience, including local patrons and international visitors. English is the main language used for all casino operations, customer service, signage, and promotional materials. This ensures clear communication and accessibility for the majority of its guests

    Wrest Point Casino Currencies

    Wrest Point Casino, situated in Hobart, Tasmania, primarily deals in the Australian Dollar (AUD) for all transactions. This includes gaming activities, accommodations, dining, and any other services offered by the casino. The use of AUD facilitates straightforward transactions for both local patrons and international visitors, ensuring a seamless experience.



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    Wrest Point Casino Hours and Support

    Wrest Point Casino provides comprehensive support to its patrons through various channels. The casino offers customer service via Wrest Point Casino phone number, email, and in-person at their premises in Hobart, Tasmania. These support services are designed to assist guests with inquiries related to gaming, accommodations, dining, and any other services offered by the casino. Wrest Point Casino's commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that guests have access to assistance whenever needed, enhancing their overall experience at the casino.

    Wrest Point Hotel Casino  Support

    Games Available to Play at Casino Wrest Point

    Wrest Point Casino in Hobart, Tasmania, offers an extensive variety of gaming options for visitors. The casino is well-regarded for its wide selection of table games and electronic gaming machines, catering to both casual players and serious gamblers.

    Table Games

    Wrest Point Casino Australia offers an impressive array of twenty-three table games that cater to both novice and experienced players. The selection includes casino favorites like blackjack, known for its strategic play, and craps, which offers the excitement of dice games. For those interested in card games, baccarat and its simpler variant mini-baccarat are available, along with the chance-based Money Wheel, offering a fun and straightforward betting experience. Roulette enthusiasts can choose between the American version, with its additional double zero slot, or the more traditional European version with a single zero, providing slightly better odds to the player.

    For dice game lovers, Sic Bo presents an interesting option with its variety of betting options based on the outcome of three dice. Poker players are not left out, with Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Stud poker offering intense strategic play. Additionally, the casino features Federal Pontoon, a variation of blackjack with different rules, and Rapid Roulette portals that allow faster gameplay. The minimum bets start from AUD $5.00, accommodating casual gamers, while the maximum bet sizes vary, catering to high rollers. Moreover, a special VIP section is available for those seeking a more exclusive gaming experience in a private, non-smoking lounge, ensuring all preferences are met.

    Poker Tournaments

    Expanding the narrative around Wrest Point Casino's poker scene, it's clear that the establishment serves as a beacon for poker enthusiasts not just locally but internationally. Wrest Point Casino not only hosts the Tasmanian 3 Diamond events in partnership with globally recognised organisations like APL and 888 Poker League, but also organises the Wrest Point Poker Championships, a hallmark event in the poker calendar. These tournaments, which welcome players over the age of 18, operate under strict Texas Hold’em Poker rules, guaranteeing a level playing field. They offer a splendid opportunity for players to demonstrate their poker prowess, interact within a vibrant community, and compete for substantial rewards. This commitment to delivering premier poker experiences solidifies Wrest Point's position as a pivotal poker venue, drawing participants from across Tasmania and beyond, eager to partake in the competition and camaraderie that these tournaments foster.

    Electronic Machine Games

    Wrest Point Casino online not only offers a vast array of around 650 electronic gaming machines, marking it as one of the premier destinations in Australia for electronic gaming enthusiasts. This extensive selection caters to a broad spectrum of preferences and financial plans, with pokie bets starting from a mere AUD$ 0.01, ensuring accessibility for all types of players. The inclusion of a VIP section elevates the experience for those desiring to engage in higher stakes, while the diverse assortment of video poker machines presents various iterations of the beloved game. Moreover, the chance to win big through progressive jackpots adds an element of thrill, and skill games offer a unique challenge. This comprehensive range guarantees that every visitor, regardless of their experience level, finds something to enjoy, significantly enriching the gaming atmosphere at Wrest Point Casino.

    Sports Betting and TASkeno

    Wrest Point Casino not only offers traditional casino games but also diversifies its gaming portfolio by including sports betting facilities and TASkeno, enriching the gambling and entertainment landscape for its patrons. The sports betting section caters to sports enthusiasts by allowing them to place bets on a wide variety of sports Wrest Point Casino upcoming events, thereby intensifying the thrill of live sports viewing. On the other hand, TASkeno provides a captivating and straightforward gaming option, beloved in Tasmania for its ease of play and the opportunity it presents for significant winnings. These enhancements fortify Wrest Point Casino's commitment to delivering a well-rounded gambling experience, accommodating diverse player preferences. This strategy underscores the casino's reputation as a leading entertainment hub in Hobart, appealing to a broad audience by offering something for everyone.

    Bonuses and Promotions at Wrest Point Casino

    Wrest Point Casino, a premier entertainment destination in Hobart, Tasmania, enhances the gaming experience for its patrons through an array of bonuses and promotions. These offers are designed to reward both new and loyal customers, featuring everything from exclusive discounts to exciting prize draws. Whether it's through membership specials, seasonal promotions, or gaming tournaments, Wrest Point Casino ensures a dynamic and rewarding environment for all who visit.

    STAY 2 & SAVE 20%

    The "Stay 2 & Save 20%" bonus offer at Wrest Point Casino provides guests with a discount opportunity. When guests book a stay for two nights at the casino's hotel, they are eligible to receive a 20% Wrest Point Casino prices discount on their accommodation. This promotion encourages longer stays and offers savings, enhancing the overall experience at Wrest Point by allowing guests to enjoy the casino's amenities and Hobart's attractions for an extended period. For specific terms, availability, and booking, it's best to check directly with Wrest Point Casino.

    Grocery Grab and Wrest Point casino gift voucher

    The "Grocery Grab" promotion at Wrest Point Casino runs from February 12th to March 27th, offering members the chance to fill up a shopping trolley. Draws for this promotion are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1 pm and 7 pm, providing multiple opportunities to win.

    Holiday Haul

    The "Holiday Haul" promotion, active from February 10th to March 30th, entices members with the prospect of extending their summer through top travel prizes. This promotion features draws every Friday and Saturday at 3 pm and 9 pm, making for an exciting chance to win a getaway.


    The "Treasure Trove" promotion at Wrest Point Casino, running from February 19th to March 21st, invites participants to "Dig for treasure" on specific days of the week—Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. This event takes place on the JackPODS, offering a unique and engaging way for members to win prizes. As with all promotions, conditions apply, and those interested in participating or learning more about the specifics of the "Treasure Trove" are encouraged to contact Member Services for detailed information.


    The "Member Specials" at Wrest Point Casino offer exclusive benefits and deals specifically tailored for its members. These specials can include discounts, promotions, and unique opportunities that enhance the gaming and Wrest Point Casino entertainment experience. Members are encouraged to check regularly with Member Services or the casino's official website to stay informed about the latest specials and how to take advantage of them. This ensures members receive value-added experiences during their visits to Wrest Point Casino.

    Update to Win

    During the "Update to Win" promotion, from February 10th to March 31st, members who update their contact details and opt-in for marketing communications can win prizes ranging from reward points to an iPad Air. The draw for this promotion is set for April 2nd, with ten winners to be

    Wrest Point Сasino Advantages

    Wrest Point Casino stands out as a premier gambling and entertainment venue in Tasmania, offering a multitude of advantages that cater to a wide range of preferences and interests. Its unique position as a pioneering establishment in the Australian casino industry has allowed it to refine its offerings to provide an exceptional experience for all its visitors. Below are the key advantages of Wrest Point Casino:


    • Prime location with stunning views.
    • Wide range of gaming options.
    • Diverse dining experiences.
    • Varied entertainment choices.
    • Luxurious accommodation.
    • Historical significance as Australia's first legal casino.
    • Excellent customer service.


    • May be perceived as expensive compared to other entertainment options.
    • Limited appeal to those not interested in gambling.
    • Can be crowded, especially during peak times and events.
    • Some may find the casino atmosphere overwhelming or too vibrant.